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Beyond traceability. Artificial vision for industry 4.0

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An artificial vision system is the combination of hardware and software able to capture and proces image data. Currently, artificial visions systems are able to offer high precision, great consistency and high mechanical and thermal stability.

Artificial vision systems are usually composed of a set of digital sensors inserted in industrial cameras able of offering images and data.

The software can process, analyze and measure different data which serve to the engineers to monitor processes and take wise decissions.

These systems are one of the industrial technological resources in which a greater number of advances have been developed in recent years.

At MAVAL, we have been developing industrial machine vision systems for more than 20 years, and we have seen a clear evolution in the development of these tools.

Through these projects we have improved many traceability systems and we have integrated artificial vision systems in many industrial functions, surpassing the most typical functions that are normally associated with these systems, going one step beyond the warnings against possible defects in products and the scanning and data readings.

Artificial vision systems in industry

A customized implementation of an artificial vision tool allows industrial companies to develop bespoke functionalities such as: Morphological analysis and shape defects, position markers, color and appearance analysis, detection of foreign objects, identification of defects and labeling quality, reading of barcodes; 1D, 2D, Character Recognition and OCR and OCV Verification .

These functionalities are typically associate with the systems of artificial visions systems of food and beverage sector, These sector has been one of the pioneering sectors since it has had to adapt to ever stricter regulations to guarantee the quality of the products and improve the safety of the customers.

However, the development of artificial vision tools is essential when we are implementing an industrial digitalization strategy.

Within the MES/MOM systems, an artificial vision system is also a tool that perfectly complements an industrial digitalization strategy, developing applications that allow us to show historical and statistical information registered in different databases for the applications of the cameras.

In MAVAL we can design specific artificial visión software according to any project and need.

Other tools that have to do with the artificial vision and the digitalization of the companies are:

Configuration of the parameters of tolerance of the inspections of all the systems and machines.
The activation and deactivation of inspections in the different zones or reduction indicators modules in productivity due to quality losses, which will improve the TTM in the medium term.
In MAVAL we are specialists in tailor made development of specific Camera Software, and the integration of the artificial vision tools with other business management systems developing, inspection execution modules with Cognex (VPP file), communication module with the PLC to interact With the physical devices, connectivity modules with the databases, we can also implement a two-way communication system with the ERP.

Now is the perfect time to adapt or develop a bespoke artificial vision system tailored to the needs of your industrial project. Call us and we will contact you at the fastest speed.

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