Simatic IT. Siemens´s production management flagship

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Simatic IT is an essential part of SIEMENS production management MES / MOM software suite which the company offers for the industrial digitalization.

These solutions developed by Siemens, enable industrial companies implement a strategies that facilitates the 4.0 Digitalization, from the initial stages of R&D until the release of their products.

“The integration of a MES system based on Simatic It represents a milestone in the digital strategy of industrial enterprises”.

Traditionally the holistic and comprehensive approach to the digitization of industrial enterprises has been associated with the specialized discrete industry sectors. However now and through approaches such as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), this digitization of industrial enterprises has spread to all sectors.

We are Siemens partner SIMATIC IT specialist and R & D suite consultants and integrators. Our goal is offer the siemens digital solutions to the specific requirements of your industrial projects

Simatic. What is It?

A MES / MOM solution, consisting of different modules for Order Management, Materials Management, Quality and R + D + i, eliminating paperplan,OEE, etc …

Simatic IT is the siemens software for management systems production MES / MOM in order to align with the technologies that are created the world of digital manufacturing through applications developed to enhance the efficiency of any industrial project.

Advantages of Simatic IT

Talk about the Simatic IT advantages is talk about the benefits of digitization of the industrial enterprise. We are aware that each company has a different nature and objectives, however, we can mention some general advantages regardless the idiosyncrasies of each company.

The main goal of Simatic is the improvemente of efficiency at all stages of industrial process, from R&D, product development, planning and production engineering to execution of the service or the release of products in different sectors.

This powerful software is essential for digitization of industrial enterprises part. A comprehensive solution to increase ROI and optimize processes within the production chain of industrial company from R & D Until the release of the product.

Siemens has spent decades developing to meet the needs of industrial enterprises in any sector stands supplying digital solutions:

Increased efficiency
Increased profitability
Reduced costs
Improved productivity
Realtime visibility

Simatic IT specialized information.

If you’re planning to implement a MES / MOMsystemprobably Maval be the most suitable choice of Siemenspartners certifiedcan offer consulting and implementation as your project.

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