Siemens Solution Partner. Simatic IT, RD suite and PCS7

Maval is a certified Siemens Solution Partner company in automation, process control and integration of MES / MOM (Manufacturing Execution Systems, Manufacturing Operation Management) As Siemens Solution Partner provider, we guarantee the quality and success of our customers projects at any time.

We are the first company in Spain that has reached the status of Industry Partner in the food sector. Since 1998 in Maval integrate, migrate and support Siemens systems in different market segments

Opting for a Siemens Solution Partner will ensure you have found the right supplier, ensuring maximun quality in the development of your Project. Siemens certifications partners ensure that companies fullfil with all standards and quality requirements.

In addition, Siemens partner companies are required to periodically renew their certifications, this ensures that they are always updated. Which guarantees that your projects will always be implemented with cutting edge and reliable technology

A Siemens Solution Partner guarantees that your project has found the right supplier, ensuring competitive edge and the maximum quality in the development of your project

Industry Partner for food and beverage

We have obtained maximum level of expertise within the program Siemens Solution Partners, Being an Industry Partner represents a broad knowledge and proven experience over the entire product solution SIMATIC applied in a particular industrial sector.

Our wide experience in the Food and Beverage industry allows us to offer complete solutions for one of the most demanding industries.

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Maval automatizacion industrial Siemens Partner
Maval automatizacion industrial Siemens Partner

SIMATIC IT Specialist Partner

In Maval we are pioneers in the implementation of MES / MOM systems for managing production with leading solution SIEMENS SIMATIC IT.

We are Solution Partner Specialist for SIMATIC IT, which means being a supplier able to offer high-level consulting, development and seamless integration in the implementation of systems of production management for different industries and market segments

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SIMATIC PCS7 Specialist Partner

As Siemens Solution Partner Specialist for SIMATIC PCS7, In MAVAL we have a vast experience in the use and implementation of high-level solutions for Process Control and Plant DCS distributed systems.

With the implementation of these process control systems, will undoubtedly increase the operating efficiency of the plant.
In addition, through its scalable architecture SIMATIC PCS7 DCS, offers a flexible option to upgrade your current system.

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Maval automatizacion industrial Siemens Partner
Maval automatizacion industrial Siemens Partner

R&D Suite Unilab and Interspect

Consulting and implementation of R & D Suite and its latest generation of Lims modules and UNILAB modules for offering the best quality management in the cloud and INTERSPEC, designed for the management of specifications, information management and product standardization.

Why choose a Siemens Partner?

As solution partner authorized in the integration of all Siemens offers:
• Maximum quality.
• Adjusted times in developments and implementation
• High efficiency in the development of any kind of engineering of automation and process control systems project and integration of production management systems (MES / MOM)..

“In Maval we focus on the flexibility and adaptability of all requirements of any industrial sector”

With this strategy we completed 100% the needs of our customers by providing the desired design and implementation of any engineering project giving solutions to improve productivity and efficiency of industrial systems.

Do you need a Siemens solution for industry?

Maval offers Siemens expert solutions for the industry. In the fields of consulting and engineering, automation and process control, development and implementation of M.O.M and M.E.S solutions for production management.

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