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Siemens automation and process control

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Automation is at the heart of the industry from its origins. Throughout history there has been a fascination for creating engineering mechanisms capable of performing all kinds of human actions.

From the artisan manufacture of the first automata, the rudimentary applications through the steam machines, the automated looms with perforated tapes, to the great advance that supposed for the automation the development of the programmable controllers known as PLC that develops the capacity of electrical cables to transmit data.

This milestone can be considered as the Genesis of Industrial Control, which has evolved to the vanguard systems of contemporary industrial production.

Goals of industrial automation

The main goals of automation since the nineteenth century have been basically the same, the optimization of production and a faster and safer processing of industrial products.

At the moment we can not reduce these objectives only to those mentioned above, currently also and this is important when implementing automation technologies, there is a growing sensitivity to produce in a more efficient, sustainable way, complying with all safety and quality standards, both for consumers and for the workers of the industry.

Today we can talk about programmable automata and industrial control computers. all this spectrum is covered by the products included in the offer that siemens offers within (TIA) Tolally Integrated Automation. At this moment an automation system is developed on computerized controllers based on software and hardware drivers that allow us to automate a multitude of processes.

In Maval we have been relying on Siemens solutions for technology for many years and its commitment to the sustainability of industrial projects.

Siemens offers industrial companies a wide portfolio of products and solutions for all types of production systems included in SIMATIC that solutions can be adapted to the objectives and processes of any industrial project:

S7 programmable controllers, decentralized periphery, industrial software, programmers and industrial PCs, pioneering solutions for the human-machine interface (HMI) without forgetting the MES system suite and the distributed process control system PCS 7

SIMATIC Siemens Automation solutions at any scale.

We trust in the simatic family for its total stability and for the scalability. Simatic is an automation solution adaptable to almost any industrial project but with the total reliability and the guarantee of siemens.

The automation of the industry can start with a system based in a compact PC-based system, up to high performance PLCs as the latest incarnation of Simatic S7-1200. Any of these automation and control solutions provides the right infrastructure for any industrial company.

All the systems have in common high processing power in the smallest space, robustness against the hardest mechanical and climatic effects, high speed of processing and a modular design that favors the scalability of the project.

Relying on industrial automation based on siemens solutions, this solutions allow to increase the efficiency, TTM reductions and a greater degree of sustainability, consequence of a lower consumption of energy, and the reduction of the failures of production.

Pioneers in cutting-edge industrial Siemens automation

When we approach an industrial automation project we rely on The automation solutions developed by the German company, which offers technology for an optimized production for most industrial sectors.

It does not matter if the automation is going to be developed for a standardized production as for the automotive sector or technologies as the one of the complex manufacture, for example the aerospace industry.

In Maval we offer IT consulting and industrial solutions adapted to specific needs, including not only the installation and start-up service. As siemens partners we offer, training, service, spare parts and continuous support since our goal is to create a better industrial fabric

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