Rising costs put pressure on industry to optimise its energy consumption and make it more economical.

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Energy Management 4.0

SIMATIC Energy Manager Pro from Siemens, an open door to energy management 4.0

When we talk about Industry 4.0, we think of technological solutions that work with a company’s data to improve its performance.
However, in the case of energy consumption, there is another type of “data” that has conditioned the performance – productivity and competitiveness – of industry over the last 10 years: energy costs have increased by more than 60%. In real terms, a company that paid €10,000 per month in 2011 now pays €16,000. And the trend continues: the price of electricity has risen by 28% in the year to July.

Energy (electricity, water, gas, etc.) is a vital resource for industry and these figures for this upward price trend highlight the need to address its management.

A few weeks ago we introduced the concept of transparency for companies to address energy management and took the first steps with SIMATIC Energy Pro, Siemens’ state-of-the-art energy management solution. Today we pick up the thread of conversation and take a closer look at the tool and how this transparency can improve the energy “performance” of industry.

How does it work? Data collection and analysis.

SIMATIC Energy Pro provides answers to questions such as: How much energy is needed to produce a certain product? Which line can be used most efficiently for this? Why do two comparable lines consume different amounts of energy?
How? The solution links the consumption data provided by the aforementioned transparency, energy expenditure and production data (litres, tonnes, m2, units produced or any other measure) to deliver: analyses, KPIs, reports or statistical calculations that give a true picture of energy use throughout the company.

  • Comparisons of production units, whether they are machines, lines or entire plants.
  • Distribution of consumption by factory areas (boiler, filling area, compressors, office, etc.).
  • Heat map with the hours of the day with more/less energy consumption.
  • CO2 emissions.

In short, SIMATIC Energy Pro makes it possible to calculate the productivity of energy consumption throughout the company in order to identify these “performance improvement” points.

Benefits of Energy Management 4.0 in industry.

It is time to go down the path of cost reduction and shift the focus to the benefits of the solution. Always hand in hand with data collection and analysis, there are two of immediate application: reduced consumption and increased performance.

On the one hand, the visibility offered by SIMATIC Energy Pro brings to light unidentified areas of energy waste whose inefficiency is overburdening energy expenditure. Now is the time to act on them, reduce consumption and therefore >> reduce operating costs.

On the other hand, data analysis provides a consumption map with which to identify time slots where energy is being paid for that is not needed. This tool makes it possible to efficiently purchase energy in each time slot to optimise tariffs and therefore >> increase performance.

Carbon footprint reduction: the future of energy management.

Today, the use of this advanced technology makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and be a benchmark in terms of efficiency and business productivity.

If we look to tomorrow, also in terms of sustainability.

SIMATIC Energy Pro is a tool on which to build the future and puts companies on the starting line towards greater control of their carbon footprint.

Our commitment, as Siemens Partners, is to accompany today and on their way to tomorrow customers whose vision of the present and future is directed towards industrial transformation as a pillar to move forward.

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