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R&D Suite Unilab Interspec

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R & D Suite gives you all the power of Siemens for the management of R&D for industrial projects

R & D suite is an essential part of the Siemens manufacturing execution system MES. This software was designed to bring together the research and development of industrial processes is composed of the UNILAB modules for quality management and INTERSPEC for product specification.

SIMATIC IT R & D Suite aims to streamline R & D processes in manufacturing, this software is designed to offer a perfect data management of the entire manufacturing process, this systems is also applicable to the specifications of the products Throughout the industrial process, integrating workflows and R&D data in the global environment of the industrial project.

R & D Suite is essential to give full answers to the industrial requirements. Important stakeholders, customers and authorized voices in the industrial process expressed the interest and need for a platform that could centralize the entire research and development process in a structured and flexible manner.

The main functions of R&D suite are the following.

  • Centralize the documentation related to R&D
  • Customized quality
  • Management of product specifications.

With the implementation of these tools we can experience a rapid and successful product development, that will have a positive impact on the success of the industrial projects.

The main advantages of the implementation of an information manager relating to research and development R & D suite.

  • Reduce the ttm (Time to market)
  • Improve the flexibility of each project.
  • Increase communication efficiency and productivity of the people that make up each industrial project

We would like to review UNILAB and INTERSPEC

UNILAB for quality management in laboratories.

Unilab is a LIMS software for the management of quality control, and R&D processes of industry the new generation of software developed by Siemens for lab management.

This Software is integrated into the Siemens Simatic IT Suite, however Unilab allows a standalone implementation tailored to your project.

Unilab is not exclusive of laboratories of large companies, its scalability, modularity and easy integration make it a suitable product for laboratories of any scale within the process industry.

How can Unilab improve the performance of my laboratory?

In the current context, the laboratories of any sector, food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. are subject to be under a big pressure, derived from greater competitiveness. This situation is aggravated by the fact that every time and with the aim of offering greater quality and safety for consumers and professionals in the industry, regulations are increasingly complex and demanding.

Advantages of Unilab.

  • Electronic and shared documentation according to different access levels
  • Quality systems integrations
  • Reduction of waste and management
  • Costs reduction of technological integration
  • Greater accuracy in data
  • Management administration of the laboratory

INTERSPEC Management for product specifications

INTERSPEC is another milestone of  SIMATIC IT R & D Suite, this Software is integrated into the Siemens Simatic IT Suite, however it also allows a standalone implementation if the project requires it.

Interspec is a fully configurable product specification management system for the process industry. an essential tool for:

  • Development, configuration and management of product specifications.
  • Creation of a shared and controlled repository of these specifications.
  • A distributed architecture with a central database, this makes it possible to link the local databases with the central one, making it perfect for projects of any scale.

No matter, if a standalone implementation is made or we integrate INTERSPEC as a component of a complete SIMATIC IT solution.

Interspec is in fact, the cornerstone of a PLM strategy but offers complete integration with MES, ERP, LIMS or other systems.

Specialized information about Simatic IT R & D suite Unilab and interspec.

If these arguments have convinced you and you are thinking about implementing a Siemens MES/MOM system in your industrial company, probably Maval is the most appropriate option. As certified Siemens partners we can offer customized consulting and implementation.

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