Preactor is the market-leading solution for strategic demand planning and advanced production scheduling

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Advanced production scheduling

Real-time simulations

Unforeseen stoppages, machine breakdowns...

With the main objective of balancing both demand and plant capacity, Preactor offers viable production plans, which provide immediate solutions to contingencies such as machine shutdowns or breakdowns, delays in material deliveries or availability of staff, allowing simulations and analyzing the impact in every scenario

Simatic IT Preactor AP
Advanced Planning

SIT Preactor AP is a high-level decision tool, which considers sales forecasting and long-term orders to decide the feasibility and to establish the overall direction of production. It dynamically sets target stock levels to meet the future demand, balancing the load across multiple resources considering constraints, material expirations, etc


  • It supports critical decisions on production capacity, about
    • Extending the staff
    • Extending the resources capacity
    • Extending the plant
  • It enables the calculation of how much we have to manufacture
  • It creates a Rough-Cut Capacity Plan (RCCP)
  • It gives a long-term visibility on the capacity needs of the factory, without looking at the detail
  • A It gives a quick answer to the question about the capacity


  • Increased visibility into the impact of changes in demand on required production volumes and stock levels
  • Increased visibility into the impact of changes in demand on capacity and staff requirements
  • Early warnings about capacity gaps and its leftovers
  • Early warnings about expiration problems
  • Better control of production costs and therefore of increased profits

Simatic IT Preactor AS
Advanced Scheduling

SIT Preactor AS is an optimization and simulation tool, supporting critical decisions in the plant, which can sequence the work orders using multiple business rules, taking into account operating restrictions. It always analyses the impact of potential changes or incidents before launching any production plan


  • It offers a complete view of demand, capacity, resource usage, or sequence of operations on Gantt chart
  • Loading resources forward (FW), Backward (BW) or Bidirectional way
  • Additional optimization rules optimization to introduce preferred sequences, minimize overall setups, campaigns, bottlenecks, etc.
  • Management of alternative manufacturing routes, by line or group of lines
  • Multiple restrictions for every operation such as machines, staff, skills, tools, process lines, etc.
  • Rules based on the linkage of dependent orders, which can be purchase orders, sales orders, and manufacturing orders
  • Scheduling with or without material shortage management
  • Control of production delays (on time, at risk, in delay)
  • Calendar templates, breakdowns, overtime, etc.
  • Programming analysis tools for comparing alternative scenarios
  • Scalable, depending on versions
  • Linkable to any ERP or data source, as well as able to work in standalone mode


  • Reliability of the planning
  • Better access/sharing of information
  • Quick visualization of eventual problems and early decision-making
  • Improve productivity
  • Decrease in stocks of raw materials and ongoing manufacturing
  • Decreased manufacturing time
  • Improve customer service rates

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