MES/MOM Systems

Increase manufacturing efficiency and flexibility with the highest level of quality

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Increase production efficiency, optimize performance and reduce inefficiencies of lines, while increasing product yields

  • Improvement in productivity, flexibility and cost reduction
  • Improvement in the quality and speed of response to the market
  • Better visibility and transparency
  • Real-time information
  • Scalability
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Advanced Planning (AP) and Scheduling (AS)
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • Quality Management
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • R&D and Quality management for process industries
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MES/MOM systems

MES/MOM systems are a key part of industrial digitalisation. Providing the industry with intelligence and capacity for decision making, with the aim of improving any process, optimizing its execution and management and guaranteeing the quality of the process and the goods produced

They provide an integration with the automation and control systems in plant, as well as with ERP business management systems

Therefore, they are a key part in a Smart Factory, better known as Industry 4.0

Functionalities of a MES / MOM system

Traceability and raw materials management

  • Precise traceability from raw materials to the final product
  • Electronic management of materials
  • Control of stocks and consumptions in real time

Management of production orders

  • Planning of advanced production at finite capacity
  • Control of the execution of orders in real time
  • Analysis of the execution of orders based on the consumption of material, human and energy resources

Historicizing and KPIs indicators

  • Calculation of indicators for monitoring factory’s vital signs and dashboards design
  • Long term process value records and variable KPIs

Integrated Laboratory Information Management Quality (LIMS)

  • Laboratory management and centralized control Quality
  • Quality Integration with production
  • electronic sign
  • Reduction of non-conformities
  • Compliance (FDA, IFS, 21 CFR/11, etc.)

Management Product Specifications

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Technical sheets
  • Management of recipes and their versions
  • Packaging and packaging formats
  • Integration of production methods and the HACCP plan
  • Document management

Overall Effectiveness Equipment Management and Downtimes (OEE/DTM)

  • Machinery State Control in real time
  • Calculation of productive and unproductive time
  • Calculation of OEE and other indicators related to efficiency
  • Solid and Real-time Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing information as well as preventive maintenance

Reporting and Plant Intelligence

  • Exploitation of information for decision-making, even in multi-plant environments
  • Reporting and Dashboards

ERP connection

This basic module of the MOM system has the ability to communicate bidirectionally with ERP systems, regardless the kind of ERP available: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, JDE, AS400, proprietary systems, etc (integration through XML, IDocs, RFCs, B2MML)

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