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Digitization of the pharmaceutical industry (Pharma 4.0)

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Digitalizacion industria farmaceutica

The pharmaceutical industry is like other sectors totally immersed in its digital transformation, this radical transformation even has its own definition Pharma 4.0

The Pharma 4.0 concept was created at the Hannover Fair in 2013 to define the industry’s transformation strategy and thus recover its global competitiveness. This concept is based on the automation and digitalization of plant elements, production models, even commercial management, and the inclusion of processes such as research and development, to achieve a more “smart” pharmaceutical industry, taking advantage of the technological disruption that has occurred in recent years. .

Digital solutions for the value chain of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the pharmaceutical industry, quality is a fact: cutting-edge research, excellent processes, perfect products are those that make it a leader. But still, you need to improve to stay ahead: new diseases require new cures, increasing competition requires faster and lighter processes in all aspects of your operations. With our proven digital solutions, you can take the efficiency, quality and productivity in your pharmaceutical value chain to the next level and win the race against time.

The digitalization and Big data will be the key to the personalized medicine of the future, one of the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

The framaceutic industry is an absolutely competitive sector where new medicines and patents are continually being investigated and developed, but advances in medicine in the fields of genetics are directed in an almost inexorable way towards the personalization of treatments.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must evolve and adapt their operations to be more flexible and responsive to the needs of people and also adapt technology to scientific advances. This trend towards avant-garde digitalization and the adaptation of technologies to changing needs that provide flexibility at the time of manufacturing, exactly the kind of flexibility that requires highly personalized research and production of the medicines of the future.

Pharma 4.0 is the description of the paradigm that represents a transformation of the traditional productive model of the pharmaceutical industry with the inclusion of technologies that go beyond traditional automation.

The goal is achieve more accessible medicines by efficient and productive companies through the optimal incorporation of mature technologies within the scope of control and industrial automation such as robotics, artificial vision, PLCs, SCADA systems, etc. or ERP, MRP, SCM, BPM, CRM, BI or MES management solutions.

However, the advanced industrial digitalization of Pharma 4.0 also integrates a flood of disruptive technologies such as IIoT, BigData, 3D printing, augmented reality, simulations, virtual reality, advanced robotics and drones, artificial intelligence, etc., etc., advanced automation, IIoT, Internet of things industrial, Big data, cloud architectures.

Specialized information on industrial digitalization.
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