Pulp and machines

Experts in the control of pulp and paper machine preparation process

Our vast experience in the paper industry, allows us to cover projects ranging from Order management and control of pulp and machine, design and development of DCS to the integration of the different sub-processes of the plant and the steam system, kitchen, QCS, POPE, etc. reaching the own ERP


Consulting and Engineering

  • Editing user requirements
  • Development and editing FDS (Functional Design Specification)
  • Analysis and design of systems DCS (Decentralized Control Systems)
  • Detailed engineering

Automation and Process Control

  • Process Control solutions based on Siemens PCS7
  • DCS, SCADA, Control Rooms
  • Networks and industrial communication buses
  • DCS control panels and CCM

Production Management MOM

  • ERP connections
  • Order management and pulp machine
  • Order management and pulp machine
  • QCS system integration and ALT (At Line Testing)
  • Integration of other systems; kitchen, boiler, POPE, etc

Increase productivity and reliability while reducing downtime and maintenance costs

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