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MES system drives digitalisation of CEAMSA’s production processes

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CEAMSA is a company founded in 1966, and since its origins it has been a pioneering company specialising in the production, processing and marketing worldwide of a complete range of natural hydrocolloids such as carrageenan, pectin, fibre, alginate and locust bean gum, which are characterised by their stabilising, gelling, thickening and texturising properties for both the food industry and other industries (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.).
CEAMSA’s products comply with the highest quality and safety standards, and are manufactured with a minimum environmental impact. The commitment to innovation in order to offer sustainable solutions to market needs and trends is a clear example of the company’s values.

Production management systems, a further step in the transformation.

The production process is crucial for CEAMSA in order to offer its customers continuous innovation, customised formulas and quality service.

It requires total control of production so that the final result is as expected, as defined in the laboratory, and also a considerable level of agility in management to meet these highly customised productions. For this, it is necessary to see in real time what is happening in manufacturing, to be able to record and analyse it in order to make the processes more efficient.

As a company that remains at the forefront of new technologies, its Porriño plant already has a high degree of automation, the result – above all – of the work of the internal team, so the implementation of a production management system is one more step in its commitment to continuous improvement.

Integrated manufacturing processes.

Following this corporate line, CEAMSA decided to invest in a production environment solution. In this case for an MES solution – based on Siemens technology – as the central axis of connection and data management that integrates all operations. A natural step that allows them to collect and analyse data in real time and manage the execution of manufacturing operations.

The decision to implement this MES system was also related to the possibility of integrating with it the existing Siemens automation in the plant and the ERP of the business, even generating visibility at a higher level than initially planned.

The company relied on Maval as a technology partner for the implementation of the MES system. As Siemens Smart Expert Partners, specialised in the food and beverage sector, we have nearly two decades of experience implementing this type of solutions in process industries.

The key to the success of this project is real-time data recording and analysis.

The functional benefits achieved after the implementation of the MES system have been significant on several levels.

Production processes have been optimised to gain in efficiency and productions are more in line with the customisation requested by the customer, as well as ensuring the quality and reliability of the data recorded.

Visibility, the basis for good production management. In addition to these functional benefits, with the implementation of the MES and integration with the ERP, it has also been possible to improve plant visibility and manage production more efficiently. The visibility of structured data in operating time from the office has improved responsiveness and decision making.

Future plans.

CEAMSA plans to continue its commitment to new technologies as part of its strategic plan. We are currently working on the consolidation of the MES system in all new production lines and in the near future a production planning and scheduling solution (APS) will be added to the MES system to optimise plant resources and manage production planning with greater precision.

CEAMSA knows that it is vital to have optimised processes, and that being agile and flexible is a safe bet to remain at the forefront of its sector and offer its customers the best quality and service. They are aware that driving and investing in digital transformation is the way forward.


We can more accurately match production to our customers’ recipes and customised requests.

Incident investigation is data-driven and allows us to implement improvement actions with greater certainty of success and agility.

The outage management and alarm system has helped to increase the availability and performance of our manufacturing lines.