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We achieved the Smart Expert APS specialisation, our second certification in the Siemens MES/MOM portfolio.

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We achieved the Smart Expert APS specialisation, our second certification in the Siemens MES/MOM portfolio.

This makes us the first Spanish partner of the multinational to have two Smart Expert certifications in this portfolio, joining this specialisation to the one we already have in MES technology.

The Smart Expert APS (Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling) specialisation accredits our knowledge of the technology, the business and also the experience of our team in the implementation of real cases in the industry.

In the brain of Smart Manufacturing: APS.

In the smart manufacturing vision of the industry, intelligent products, machines and logistics are able to collaborate and orchestrate the manufacturing plant. This is where Siemens’ portfolio of MES/MOM solutions demonstrates its full potential as the digital brain that drives all manufacturing and quality activities.
Within this brain, Opcenter APS (formerly Preactor) is the advanced production planning and scheduling solution that balances demand and capacity, generating viable production schedules in the long, medium and short term. It also enables manufacturers to respond quickly and intelligently to unforeseen changes, while reducing inventory levels and losses.
Our proven experience has been one of the key factors in obtaining this recognition. The specialisation has been granted after passing an approval process that takes into account not only the training received but also the positive assessment of at least 3 of the clients in which we have implemented the solution.

The second Smart Expert certification: strategy and teamwork.

Since 2019 we already have the Smart Expert MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) certification so, with great pride, we add this new one to become the first Spanish partner to achieve two certifications of the Siemens MES/MOM portfolio.

In the words of Martín Muñoz, CEO and founder of Maval, “this second Smart Expert certification consolidates our evolution and efforts to increase the portfolio of solutions always with the aim of offering our customers a total vision of the industry, from the world of automation – where Maval also has several Siemens certifications – to industrial software, with the best guarantees and commitment”.
“Congratulations to the entire Maval team. This new certificate responds to the great effort they have all made over the last few years, a time of growth for us but also of hard work and dedication to continue accompanying our customers with the best solutions for industrial transformation”.