Manufacturing Intelligence & Performance

Gain an immediate insight of the factory by reaching Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

Global visibility, overall performance.


Data Integration, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Reporting for Operational and Enterprise Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence transforms plant floor data into information and metrics that managers use to monitor and improve the manufacturing operations performance

Global Visibility

Gain visibility into every machine, line, and plant of the entire company


Improve first-pass yield, reducing scrap, and identifying the root cause of quality issues


Optimize OEE, increase the throughput, and optimize the utilization of assets, timing, workfoce, etc.


  • Provide the entire company dashboards and KPIs, based on both real-time and historical plant data, as well as other data sources
  • Create real-time scorecards and dashboards to drill down to the automation level, and viceversa
  • Identify where improvement measures might be needed, helping to optimize and to organize the production capacity across plants
  • Provide an operational and tactical framework to get the best strategic decisions for every level of the company

Manufacturing Performance

Manufacturing Performance boosts efficiency, driving continuous improvement and best practice standardization through real-time plant floor data analysis

Collet, visualize and analyse equipment utilization and efficiency data

Improve plant performance and asset utilization through manual and automatic data collection and analysis

Provide operators with intuitive KPI dashboards and real-time visibility into current downtime causes, empowering users to take immediate corrective actions

Standardize continuous improvement and best practices through advanced reporting and analysis


  • Provide real-time visibility into equipment efficiency KPIs, empowering operators and decision-makers to take immediate
    corrective action to improve plant performance and productivity
  • Improve asset utilization with accurate information on equipment downtime
  • Expose hidden improvement opportunities and enhance
    collaboration to increase asset performance and
    to drive better production results
  • Determine and eliminate the root causes of plant capacity losses, with a new approach (from performance history data analysis and predictions)

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