Find out what kind of care you need

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Find out what kind of care you need

Like all living things, every industry has its own needs.

Some rest more than others, there are hyperactive factories that never sleep and on the other hand there are growing industries that have smaller needs.

At Maval we adapt to the needs of our customers, offering different formats of attention to doubts, queries, incidents or emergencies in the production line. We have plans that range from one-off consultations to 24 hour attention, 7 days a week.

On a day-to-day basis.

During office hours, we attend to your incidents and queries by telephone or email, either through our agreed ticket service or by requesting assistance on an ad hoc basis.
Every team is ready to provide assistance and you will always be attended directly by one of our technicians, so that the attention is faster and smoother.

Dedicated attention: we take care of your production process day and night.

If your company is one of those that “never rests”, we have several types of dedicated attention depending on the number of hours and continuous days that your company needs. From 8/5 to 24/7, yes – that’s right – day and night, all week long, our team is attentive to your requirements.
Each request is immediately attended to by a professional specialised in the technology you have entrusted to Maval (automation, MES) and who knows your project.

In the event of not being able to resolve the incident remotely, for these special cases, we transfer one of our specialists to the plant.

In addition, as each incident is recorded, we periodically analyse them to identify patterns of recurrent failures and propose areas for improvement to work on with you.


Our commitment to the customers who have trusted us to bring their industry to life is total.

Every assistance we provide means a point of improvement. Every case teaches us and makes us have more answers and solutions, that’s why we like to give more.