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Digital revolution for the paper industry

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Paper industry is experiencing one of its best moments today. According to ASPAPEL (Spanish Association of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers) Currently, the paper industry and its value chain represent almost 3% of GDP.

With an increase of 3.8% over the previous year, the turnover of the sector in 2017 amounted to 4,401 million euros.

“With almost nine hundred million euros of investment in the last three years, the investments expected for 2018 are of about five hundred million additional, the Spanish paper industry is redirecting its production to papers with great potential for growth and greater added value, such as paper for packaging and special papers. ”

The association estimates that in 2018 “paper companies will invest almost 500 million euros, which according to their data account for 10% of total turnover, this means that Pulp and paper is a sector highly committed to innovation, and that has understood processes, as the digitalization of their management and production systems can bring benefits in the medium and long term.

In this article we will briefly discuss how a company like Maval can help paper companies improve their processes.

Automation and digitalization of the paper industry.

During 20 years in Maval have been developed automation services and control processes for the paper industry, developing customized projects with a very clear objective.

Improve efficiency and industrial competitiveness.

In Maval we insist a lot in industrial digitalization and the integration of all systems and activities in the digital environment. We believe that the paper industry can take full advantage of these systems.

This obeys two great reasons:

One: The use of technology and the use of data when optimizing processes and another, the need to respond to the great challenges of industrial production, the demand for high quality products, subject to regulations every time more stringent.

Two: The need to optimize production and obtain a TTM (time to market) increasingly reduced.

We are experts in industrial automation, we are confident in the integration of Process Control Solutions based on Siemens PCS7.

This solution provides us with an infrastructure that makes it easily integrated with other elements of the industrial digitalization system such as manufacturing execution and administration systems, the life cycle of the project and integration with document management and R & D systems. + I can solve with the implementation of R & D Suite, another of Siemens solution.

A technological push for the paper industry.

If you are thinking of digitizing the paper industry, probably Maval is the best option. As certified Siemens Partner, we can offer consulting and customized implementation of your project.

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