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Digital industry and PLM

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Digitalización industrial

We return to the issue industrial digitalization, and software solutions for industrial companies to manage the entire lifecycle of manufactured products.

Key element of digital industry is the emergence of software as a fundamental part of the management of the product life cycle and manufacturing processes. Traditionally, especially in certain sectors, the use of software was limited to very specific functionalities of certain processes and was limited to sectors such as automobiles and aeronautics.

Currently, software-based solutions and the development of specific applications are located at the base of the foundation on which processes, products, services and also new business models are designed in almost any sector.

PLM is the perfect set of tools to coordinate how people working in industrial companies, create and use of information in their daily processes therefore, it allows to manage the information necessary to design, manufacture and operate the product throughout its cycle of life.

The end of the product life cycle software is the management and administration of production and technology data. Basically, an information management system that can integrate processes, business systems, personnel, management and advanced management of the company.

Therefore, the PLM covers the entire life of the product, providing a structured basis for the information management, has a structured platform capable of improving the diagnosis of possible errors, from its concept to its manufacture and distribution.

It is essential for industrial digitalization to manage information at all intermediate stages, such as quality and marketing tests. In addition, you can identify the obsolescence of products for sale. If you want more information about PLM and product life cycle, we recommend that you check this article.

“Manufacturers of all sectors need tools to increase productivity, competitiveness and profitability, and Siemens solutions, which connect the virtual and physical worlds, provide the tools to enable the right fabrication at the first”

Helmuth Ludwig, president of Siemens PLM Software.

Experts in Industrial Digitalization
At Maval, we are experts in the implementation of industrial digitalization solutions offered by SIEMENS.

We have been at the forefront of automation and industrial digitalization for more than 20 years, developing numerous turnkey technological solutions for industrial projects in different sectors such as food and beverages, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, paper industries and the aeronautical sector.

In our offices in Valencia and Madrid we have a team of experts in solutions of automation systems and process control, industrial communications, artificial vision, production management systems MES/MOM and PLM.

The importance of having an authorized Siemens Partner.

It is essential to have both technical knowledge and sales of the product to be able to offer its clients a customized solution to their exclusive problems.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of 100% the needs of our customers in the design and implementation of any engineering project that involves a solution to improve productivity. Our customer service department and start-up of each project, this service includes a complete training at the client’s facilities. Our values ​​are based on trust in our engineering and development team.

We have a strong commitment to continuous training that allows us to be always up-to-date as Siemens Partners and for the development of new automation and digitalization solutions for the Process Industry and Discrete Manufacturing.

This “Know How” allows us to guarantee an integral management of all the projects with innovative and competitive solutions. Our growth and the international expansion in which we are immersed guarantee the quality of our projects.

As Siemens Partners, we treasure a proven experience in consulting, configuration and development, installation, integration and training in the solutions offered by SIEMENS INDUSTRY SOFTWARE. We were the first Siemens Industry Partner for Food and Beverage and we are certified partners in Simatic IT and Specialist Partner. If you need more information about the life cycle management of the product please contact us.

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