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Chemical industry Digitization with Siemens Simatic and R&D suite

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Maval automatizacion industrial Siemens Partner

According to this article published in the expansion “The chemical industry is one of the most relevant industries, contributing to the global economy with 20 million jobs and a business of almost 2 billion dollars a year.” His products and technologies are present in the day by day of almost all people globally.

The chemical industry does not stand out precisely because of its digital commitment. Compared to automotive production or aeronautics and even the food industry with its strong commitment to digitalization.

A recent study carried out by Deloitte, confirms a delay in the conception of digital transformation strategies in the chemical industry.

The chemical products market behaviour is similar to what we have seen when we talked about the digitalization of the food industry, with its growing demand for product diversification, increased energy prices and raw materials, are significant challenges for manufacturers.

The market constantly demands new products and the guarantee of responsible production, taking into account the preferences of consumers and compliance with international laws. In this scenario, R + D + I, and how it is imbricated in the production of chemical products is key to the digitalization of the chemical industry and to carry out these processes in Maval we rely on the solutions provided by Siemens and adapted by a Siemens Partner with proven efficiency

Siemens and the digital transformation of the chemical industry.

A MES system based on Siemens solutions, is the basis for a complete digitalization process and a milestone to the integration of the components of the chemical industry ERP systems and batch production are the defining elements of the chemical industry.

In the current chemical industry, it is absolutely necessary to know the right information at the right time and in real time to make quick and effective decisions. Through Siemens products such as SIMATIC IT we can begin to efficiently integrate a digitalization project for the chemical industry. The implementation of these systems will allow us, among other things:

  • A continuous data flow through the ERP the MES systems automation processes
  • Efficient R + D + I, centralized and optimized as the project
  • Development of new products and chemical compounds more efficiently
  • TTM reduction
  • Protection of intellectual property and compliance with regulation
  • Monitoring of production and operations in process management and optimal management of the supply chain

Digital administration solutions for the chemical industry.

Siemens SIMATIC IT R & D Suite solutions allow us to manage all processes from the R + D + I, to the specifications of a new project and controlling all production processes, until the arrival of products and compounds to the market .

Specialized information on SIEMENS products.
If you are thinking about implementing an MES / MOM system in your chemical industry, probably Maval is the most appropriate option. As certified Siemens partners we can offer consulting and implementation to your project.

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