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Cerler Global Electronics rely on Maval to digitalize its production planning

By 29 October, 2021 No Comments
planificación y programación Preactor Cerler

Cerler Global Electronics, a company specialized in the industrialization and manufacture of electronic products, will deploy Opcenter APS (formerly known as Preactor) with the aim of improving its capacity to manage daily demand and the skills of its plant team. For this project, he has entrusted Maval as a technological partner to accompany him on his way to the smart factory with the incorporation of the Siemens solution for Advanced Planning and Programming.

The company, which has a 30-year history, currently has its headquarters in La Muela (Zaragoza) and a staff of 350 people. In its 10,000 m2 of production area, it manufactures – under strict Quality policies – 900,000 components per hour for strategic sectors such as automotive, renewable energy, electrical medicine or household appliances.

Management of daily demand and skills

To complete and achieve those millions of parts that it manufactures per day, Cerler Global Electronics receives a disparity of orders in terms of frequency, terms and quantities. That is why it is strategic for the planning team to get a solution such as Opcenter APS (Preactor) that allows them to adjust the planning quickly and reliably, taking into account availability control at all times (stock, materials, etc.) and delivery times to meet its quality commitment, not only in production but also in service. Changes in planning will no longer be an obstacle in the management of daily demand that will adapt to changes in an agile and intelligent way, going from a weekly replanning to the possibility of doing it daily.

Likewise, Opcenter APS will allow the company to manage the skills of the technicians operating in the plant and adjust the production schedule and expert personnel in each product or machine so that these skills have the best expression in production and, therefore, are reflected in the Quality policy that governs the day-to-day of the company.

Manuel Morón, Factory Director of Cerler, indicates that “With Opcenter APS we hope to make a qualitative leap in our planning and sequencing tools that will allow us to be much faster and more efficient in making decisions that a highly variable demand and context requires of us. ”.

For his part, Raul Büiza, VP of Maval, assures that “from Maval we are excited to accompany Cerler Global Electronics on its journey to that smart factory. We do it with the support of a technical team with extensive experience forged in dozens of projects and with the support of the market leading technology in production planning ”.