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Factory & Process Automation

Industrial automation, process control, production management and PLM

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MOM/MES Systems

Pioneers in the implementatio of Manufacturing Execution System and Manufacturing Operations Management

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Manufacturing Performance

PLM, MES/MOM, Simatic IT, RD suite authorized Siemens Partner.

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After-sales service and technical support

24/7 Technical Support to guarantee the success of your project

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Siemens PLM solution Partner

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Up-to-date and robust solutions provided with the highest technology for discrete and process industry

Market Segments

Our wide knowledge and experience in the industry and discrete Manufacturing process allows Maval to ensure integrated project management with innovative and competitive solutions for the most demanding market segments

Food and beverage

Referents in design and implementation of efficient and innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry

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Aeronautics and Aerospace

Automation, process control and cutting-edge digitization for the most demanding and innovative industry

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and Machine

Experts in automation and control of pulp and machine

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Chemical industry

Maval offers solutions for both basic and fine chemical industry

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About us

Know how

More than 15 years offering innovative automation solutions for the discrete and process industry

We provide “Turn-key” solutions which cover from design and installation of totally automated process equipment, control process and automation systems, industrial networks, artificial vision, room control, to Manufacturing Operation Systems MES / MOM and interface with ERP systems.

We offer our expertise and knowledge in automation and control technologies to deal since the early stages of the project and thus achieve the goal of an efficiency and seamless process.

Wide knowledge and experience both in discrete as well as process industry allow us to guarantee a thoroughly project management going along with the benchmark sector brand

Maval is one of the Food &Beverage Industry Partner, highest level within Siemens Solution Partner program.



10 December, 2018

Advent Calendar

10 December, 2018 in PLM MES/MOM, Siemens Partner

Maval and Siemens at the forefront of the industry

Maval and Siemens a lasting alliance to improve the performance of the industry. We are one of the first Spanish companies certified as Siemens Partner…
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21 November, 2018 in PLM MES/MOM, Siemens Partner

PLM trends that will change the future of the industry

Before listing the trends that will mark the future of the industry, we will return to a brief review of what is the life cycle…
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21 November, 2018 in PLM MES/MOM, Siemens Partner

Industrial IOT and siemens solutions

Industrial IOT and siemens MES MOM solutions In this post we are going to talk about how the IOT will transform the future of manufacturing…
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25 October, 2018 in PLM MES/MOM, Siemens Partner

Siemens automation and process control

Automation is at the heart of the industry from its origins. Throughout history there has been a fascination for creating engineering mechanisms capable of performing…
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